Nona Creative

We’re an ambitious digital studio based in Cape Town South Africa, with a small team, a big heart & clients on five continents. Every day we create engaging online human experiences.

We are also currently in the market for a new WordPress Developer……….. are you Creative? Passionate? Enthusiastic? Our fast growing digital studio is looking for a BEAST WordPress developer to join our team of hustlers, hackers, nerds and some down right unique people at The Old Castle Brewery.

If you are a.) awesome, b.) love a good waffle or two on a Wednesday, and c.) rock at this whole WordPress thing, then drop us a line at Obviously, simply being awesome is a great way of getting the job, but there are a few more things you’re going to need to know as you’ll be building light-weight, responsive, and enterprise-grade custom theme templates, for a diverse range of applications and clients.

Bring these with you:

  • Expertise and experience in HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP and WordPress templating
  • A level of comfort with Modern front end workflows using bower, grunt, gulp, composer, git and NPM
  • DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) code
  • Site speed, SEO & security optimisation obsessed
  • Solid design sensibilities, pixel perfect consistency on every device
  • Strong awareness of UX
  • MySQL chops a bonus

We are also offering a 5K reward for a successful recommendation!